Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
Pink Quartz bracelet
  • 01/02/2023 10:13
  • Belgium

Rose quartz chips bracelet, lithotherapy.

Adopting a Pink Quartz stone is to find a tender and positive way out of the surrounding stress and create your own bubble of love and comfort. Discover the incredible virtues of this pretty pink stone in lithotherapy and open your heart, pink quartz will give it back to you!


Rose quartz has always had an intimate relationship with love and the heart. Already in the Bronze Age, Middle Eastern civilizations praised the goddess of fertility, war and love with rose quartz: Astarte. These rituals and offerings have been carried on into antiquity. Many civilizations have also used it, whether Carthaginians, Etruscans, Greeks, Hebrews, Hourrites, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, Romans or Sumerians. According to Greek mythology, the rose quartz stone is said to have been created by Aphrodite. While Adonis spent his time hunting, he was attacked by a boar that was neither more nor less than Ares, the official lover of Aphrodite. Aphrodite would then have quickly intervened in the bushes, except that they were full of brambles. Aphrodite then found her lover Adonis dead. From his blood appeared the rose quartz stone. The Greek people used this stone to acclaim the goddess of beauty and love: Aphrodite.

Later, in ancient Egypt, rose quartz stone was known for its physical virtues, and more specifically for fighting against aging. Rose quartz powder was used on the face to make masks and remove wrinkles. Rose quartz was also given as a gift at the time of death: a rose quartz stone was often placed in the tombs of noble families as a collector’s stone. The Egyptians also used this raw pink crystal to accelerate the healing process of the body and injuries. These beliefs also existed in ancient Rome. For the Greeks and Romans, the rose quartz stone came from Amor and Eros, the two gods of love. They would have brought it on Earth to spread love and peace. A symbol of peace and beauty, rose quartz was intended to eradicate human hatred and anger.

In the Muslim religion and among the Indians, rose quartz is associated with the mother deity. On the border between Honduras and Guatemala, archaeologists have found a skull carved from rose quartz. According to legend, this skull is linked to the Mayan legend of the 13 skulls. This legend tells that 13 skulls would have been transmitted by celestial creatures. All the skulls should be reunited so that great secrets are revealed to humanity. For the moment, they are all scattered in museums around the world.

Today, rose quartz stone is used in various fields such as lithotherapy, industry, watchmaking and jewelry. Many jewelry items are made, such as rose quartz necklaces, rose quartz bracelets, rings, earrings, beads, etc. In lithotherapy, the rose quartz pendant is used to act directly on the heart chakra. Several families of pendants are proposed: pendants drops, heart pendants, but also pendants with more diverse forms such as flat stones, pebbles, rolled stones, etc. …


The pink quartz stone comes from the word “quaterz” meaning “bad ore”. Some hypotheses also evoke its name in reference to the German term “gewärz” meaning “germ” and “growth”. It is not uncommon to see rose quartz also called: conite, azeztulite, dragonite, lodolite, konolite or azeztulite. In the Middle Ages, the word “quartz” was used to describe absolutely all minerals, even if their origin and composition had nothing to do with quartz. It was not until the 16th century that a German scientist specified that quartz only refers to rock crystal and cannot therefore define all minerals.

A mineral species in its own right, quartz belongs to the silicate group. It is mainly composed of silicon dioxide. Like other quartz, rose quartz stone is found in large crystals that are both pink and translucent. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale and it is found regularly smudged, that is to say as a result of an assembly of similar crystals. Rose quartz crystallizes between 573 and 870°C. With a density of 2.65, rose quartz is a resistant stone and easy to work with in the jewelry world.

Visually, this pink stone inspires calm, softness and appeasement. Depending on the deposit, quartz can take on many shades of pink. Some stones are translucent, while others offer


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  • Catégorie : Lithotherapy
  • Color : Pink
  • Poids : 17 grams
  • Dimensions : For Adult
  • Reference : pluch2647
  • Condition : Nouveau
  • Matériel : Other


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